“I learned the ins/outs of WordPress with Sherra helping me over the phone. I was set to go and start writing in less than a month.

While I’m not overwhelmed with writing, some of the technical aspects still can make my head spin. Sherra is great at helping, teaching and always is concerned about making it “just right”. Her ongoing support both in the way of ideas and technical aspects has been phenomenal!”
~ Karen Herrema

“Your excellent technical service and training made it possible for Mentoring Moments for Christian Women to launch with no problems in October. Only a week before, I was wondering if we would be up and running at all. You saved the day! I appreciate your ability to see the ‘big picture’ of MMCW and make upgrades and site suggestions to help us fulfill our mission. You are a blessing to everyone at Mentoring Moments for Christian Women.”
Kellie Renfroe
Mentoring Moments for Christian Women

“You are so great. Thoughtful, creative, responsive and talented. It has been a great experience working with you. I don’t think we’ve seen the last of each other.”
~ Charmel Bowden

“THANK YOU so much for my beautiful site…and for your awesome training! You are so talented, and so patient…what a joy to work with you!

Many, many thanks! If I were there in person I would hug you!”
~ Raylea Pickett

“Blog Design” and “Tech Support” are nebulous catch phrases that quite possibly house slippery slopes and murky waters in this day and age. So much of your personal success in this arena can hinge on your ability to navigate these areas, once your blog design is “finished” and/or your “tech” may or may not be able to “support!”

For me, there are many qualities that set Standout Impressions apart from the rest. Sherra is patient, capable and extremely accessible. Her emphasis is always focused on excellent customer service, backed by practical knowledge and capable skill levels. She believes that knowledge is power, and equips her clients to make informed decisions; while guiding them with practicality, creativity, and a gracious spirit. Because of these amazing qualities, I have not only found a “home” for my own blog and further pursuits, but also encourage others to do the same.
~ Teri Helms

“I’ve got an awesome website!!!!!!!!  Sherra is a genius! I love, love, love, love, love it!!!”
~ Vernie DeMille