Terms of Service

By submitting your deposit you are agreeing to the Terms of Service. Credit or debit card payments accepted through PayPal. You do not have to have a PayPal account to pay by credit card.

Client Form
All clients must complete the Client Form. The answers and details you provide here are used as the core reference to build your site using the direction you provide. The more detail, the better.

All designs are copyright of Standout Impressions and are protected under the Fair Use and Commercial Use Copyright Protection Act. Clients may not alter or copy the design, code or elements or transfer them to another blog, website or any other online format. The purchase of blog design, a la carte items, or any service offered by Standout Impressions is meant to be used for single project on a single URL. The client is granted a license to display the work, but the client doesn’t own the design. WordPress theme copyright belongs to theme creator. Regarding any premium theme that I use and hold the developer’s license, the theme may not be used when my work is removed.

Rights to photos, graphics, source code, work-up files and computer programs are specifically not transferred to the client, and remain the property of their respective owners. Standout Impressions and its subcontractors retain the right to display graphics and other web design elements as examples of their work in their respective portfolios.

You may not create or edit any graphics from your design or hire another designer to create coordinating graphics for a design from Standout Impressions.

Standout Impressions respects the intellectual property of others and if you believe that your work has been used in a way that constitutes copyright infringement, please contact me.

Credit Links
Standout Impressions button will be placed in the sidebar linking back to this site. The button must remain in the sidebar and you may not remove or alter the button.

Standout Impressions will have a footer credit that must remain intact. Theme owners will have footer credit whenever required.

Digital Files
Stock images are not included in the package price unless otherwise noted. As per any digital image sites, their terms of use will apply. I will invoice you for the cost of images and payment must be made before design work begins.

If you provide images to Standout Impressions for use in your design you are responsible for complying with license agreement(s) and photography copyrights. Standout Impressions is not liable for any photos or design elements provided by the client.

Project start date and wait time varies depending on number of clients before you. I will contact you upon receiving your Client Form to give you the current wait time.

Standout Impressions has the right to extend a project’s start date or cancel a project for any reason at any time. If a project has been canceled by Standout Impressions and a deposit has already been paid, only in this case will the client’s deposit be returned.

If the client isn’t ready to work on the design, cannot be contacted or has not responded within three days at the estimated time agreed upon, the project will be canceled and the initial deposit will not be refunded.

Design deposits are non-refundable – even if the client decides to withdraw their project before the design process has begun. Your deposit is a retainer of my time, secures your position in my schedule and covers the costs of preliminary consultation and expertise.

All WordPress plugins are released under their own licenses and are owned by their respective developers. Standout Impressions does not provide support for individual plugins, nor do we offer editing other specific plugin file.

We are not responsible for any plugins that simply do not work, either with your version of WordPress or for any other reason. We cannot guarantee that every plugin will work appropriately. Standout Impressions provides an installation service only.

Browser Compatibility
Designs are created to be compatible with the most recent release of Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Internet Explorer. We cannot guarantee that designs will work properly on outdated or obscure web browsers. Clients are responsible for running the most current version of preferred browser before design project begins. Firefox is highly recommended for both Mac and Windows computers.

Standout Impressions does not guarantee sales or success of websites or blogs. Clients are responsible for sales, promotion and income and Standout Impressions is not liable for personal or business website success.

In no event will Standout Impressions be liable to the client or any third party for any damages or lost finances, due to the inability to operate the web pages or website. Standout Impressions will not be responsible for loss or damage caused by the failure, use or misuse of the website’s software, loss of software, hardware or any other natural events beyond the control of Standout Impressions.

Additional information
It is the responsibility of the client to save and store a backup of all images and designs. It is not the responsibility of Standout Impressions to save the existing design or image elements. Additionally, Standout Impressions is not responsible for any lost website content that may occur when under the responsibility of the client.
Please make a backup of your existing site before design work begins.

Acceptance of Terms
By submitting your Client Form and deposit, you agree to the terms of service listed here.
Standout Impressions reserves the right to revise or update these terms at any time without prior notice.