How do I get my website started with the name I want?

While there are many, many services you can choose, my packages and services are currently designed around using WordPress.org which means you will own your domain name and you also need a web host to store all your files and images so your website will work.

Your domain is your address on the internet and this is where I will install your WordPress blog or website. I can set up both your hosting and your domain name through the affiliate I use, Blue Host, if you have not already done this.

We can talk about this during our phone call and check to see if your domain is available.

This is all new to me, how much does web hosting and reserving my domain name cost?
Web hosting will cost less than $100 per year and domain name registration is $10 per year.
(Blue Host includes your first domain registration free.) These charges are billed separately through the individual providers.

Are there any other charges beyond web hosting and the package I purchase?
Any digital files (i.e. istockphoto) or custom font purchases will be billed at cost, if needed. These charges can range from $15 to $100 and will be discussed prior to purchase.

How long will it take to build my site?
Communication is the key to our success as we work together. Once I receive your completed Client Form, we schedule a 30 minute phone call so we can *meet* and I can get any additional details to make sure I understand the goals for your website.

During our phone call, I can give you an estimated timeframe to complete your project.

After that we will communicate by email and you should expect to be available (check your email often!) as much as possible during the design process. Your timely responses mean I can get your project done efficiently. If there are delays or unusual gaps in your response time, this can mean that your project will be moved down on work list so that I can proceed with other clients.

Once my site is up, are there additional costs if I want changes made?
Since we’ll be communicating throughout the process, revisions are a part of the process. At time of official installation and final payment, this serves as your approval of your working site. If you would like additional changes after this time, these changes will be billed at $80 per hour in 15 minute increments as per my terms of service. If you require urgent assistance after 5 pm EST or on the weekends, please know that services are billed at $125 per hour.

I recommend you keep a running list of changes you want and then submit the complete revision list to me via email which will almost always save you money. It is more efficient and less expensive for you if I can complete revisions in a batch instead of one or two at time!